Electronic Catch Phrase Reviewed: a Fun Party Game

Electronic Catch Phrase is a fun party game that the world has gone crazy over. It’s a game that will turn your party upside down. Basically one player grabs the small electronic unit and gets his or her teammates to say a word that comes up on the screen. Meanwhile a timer counts down. Once the player get’s the team to guess the word or phrase, the unit is passed to the next team. It’s a lot like hot potato. The unit buzzes when the time is up. The team stuck with the electronic catch phrase in his/her hand loses. It’s a riot!

There are more than 10,000 words in the electronic catch phrase unit. The game is built for hours of party fun. I’ve watched boring parties turn from “blah” to amazing once Catch Phrase was introduced. If you want a fun party game, you need to check it out. People will literally go wild and start to have a great time as soon as Catch Phrase comes out.

It’s a lot like the classic fun party games Charades, but is even more fun. Catch Phrase seems to to taking the place of games like Pictionary and Trivial pursuit at parties. I say, check out Catch Phrase for your next party and watch your guests have fun! They will thank you and probably even send you an email the next day about how much fun they had playing it. Never again is there an excuse to have a boring party.